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26 Jul

Abby Ghent

Words by Christa Ghent (her bigger sister)

My “little sis” as she really dislikes being called, and I only give her that name because no one would ever know she is younger than me. I have watched Abby grow from a tap dancer to a soccer player and now into an amazing and extremely talented ski racer.  A lot of people can find ways to try to discredit Abby because she is so light-hearted and goofy, and to some people it looks like she doesn’t care. But ski racing is her life, to be the best in the world is something she has been striving towards for a long time.

Her smile and laugh can be deceiving, because underneath it all is a real competitor. She is passionate about what she does, improving through all the disbelief and doubt people give her and reaches for the stars in everything she does. My “little sis” is someone I look towards for advice and guidance in everyday life, because she is grounded and seems to see the world clearly.  She is the one I know I can always sing at the top of my lungs with, and will always be someone to put a smile on my face.

It will be no surprise to those of us who know her how far she goes in this sport and how she gets there. Being the youngest of the three of us, we never know what to expect with her and that is why we love her.