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New Website!

2 Apr

For all that don’t know and if you’re still waiting on this blog for a new post, I, Abby, have a new website! Very exciting! So if you still want to follow along with my adventures, please go to Enjoy!


Where’s All The Snow?

4 Nov

Halloween in the mountains is a funny thing. From a young age we learned to incorporate warm clothes into our costumes. “I want to be a fairy!” Well… you better have a pink snowsuit that you can wear under your fairy wings. Once we were old enough to make our own costumes, more often than not we were something that was naturally warm, like a bear or a snow queen. You always see pictures of girls dressed up (or not quite dressed) as a “sexy nurse” or a “sexy pirate” but us mountain folk know we can’t get away with that unless you want to get frostbite on your cleavage.

Now that I have that image in your head, I know you’re also imagining snow on the ground. Well… sorry to disappoint but there isn’t much of that here so far. You know me, I’m a ski racer. My life literally depends on snow. Ok. That’s a bit dramatic, but you know what I mean. Without much snow, there isn’t much skiing. Thankfully, there are smart people out there that invented these amazing machines that actually make snow. No, not this kind of machine…

Disney classic... The Ultimate Christmas Present

Disney classic… The Ultimate Christmas Present

I digress. We’ve had some really awesome training despite the fact that there is not very much snow. A lot of start training, which is something I’m working hard on, and yesterday we even skied a full length GS!

Some people are freaking out because of lack of snow, but I believe in the weather and I know that we will eventually get a dump and forget all about this!

Is It Still Summer?

28 Aug

This summer has flown by! Holy cow. It’s been pretty busy too, at least for me. After my last post in… May, May?! Wow, time has gone by quickly. Anyways… after my crutches fiasco, I moved out to Park City for some summer training.

Park City (aka PC) is such a fun place to be in the summer, granted I’ve never been there in the winter (although I’ve heard it’s pretty fun). There is always something to do there whether you want to hang out in the park, go for a ride (mountain or road), hike up a mountain, float down a river, or drive 20 minutes to Salt Lake City, you will find yourself doing something 24/7. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s sunny like… every day. However, summer classes at Westminster (yes I go to school, kind of) started in June and I found myself not doing as many of the fun activities I’m used to. With work outs, physical therapy, school, and babysitting, I was a little more busy than I was prepared for.

So June and July flew by like they were nothing and all of a sudden I was about to leave for my first ski camp of the summer, which is where I am right now! What! Good ol’ Mount Hood! Did you know I’ve been to Mt. Hood every summer (besides two) since I was 10? That’s not exactly factual, but it’s close. The point is, I’ve been here a lot. There are only a few differences between being here now and then and they are as follows:

  1. I’m not staying at the Huckleberry Inn anymore.
    1. This means a few things. I don’t get 4 milkshakes a day anymore (I think that was the most I ever got in one day). I don’t buy Bubblicious bubblegum by the 5 pack anymore and try to eat every piece at once. And I don’t share a bunk room with 3 other girls anymore.
  2. I don’t have nearly as much energy.
    1. We used to wake up at 6AM, take 15 ski runs, get off the hill with more energy than what we started with, then go play capture the flag in the woods for 2 hours full on sprinting through the trees, and then somehow still have way too much energy for the rest of the day.
    2. Now we still get up at 6, take maybe 12 runs (on a good day), get off the hill wiped out, go on a hike for recovery, take a nap, and go to bed at 8.
  3. We make our own dinners.
    1. That’s pretty self explanatory.

The skiing is still awesome, the snow just as hard in the morning, the sun just as bright. It hasn’t changed that much.

I’m here for another four days, take about ten days at home (YAY!) and then we head down to Chile, which is beginning to turn into another Mt. Hood for me (this will be the sixth birthday that I’ve celebrated there). I’m not complaining, don’t worry, I just hope there’s enough snow, I’ll let you know (that was an unintentional rhyme)!


This is only from 5 years ago. Only 5... Mt. Hood X-Factor camp in 2009.

This is only from 5 years ago. Only 5… Mt. Hood X-Factor camp in 2009.

This is from 6 years ago, so my first camp in Chile. I turned 16!

This is from 6 years ago, so my first camp in Chile. I turned 16!






Dondé Esta el Autobus Amarillo?

20 Jun

In case you haven’t seen Erika’s new summer blog, here’s a little snipit. It’s pretty awesome. Go ahead, indulge.

HEL-lo Euro

Our day began in a very civilized manner. We were organized, prepared and caught the early train from Madrid to Valencia. When we successfully got to our seats on the train, we thought to ourselves, “Great! We are winning this day!”‘ We spoke too soon.

Here’s what happened next:

1) Upon arriving at the Valencia train station, gigantic packs on our backs, somehow a bug flew into Hannah’s eye and stung her in the eyeball, rendering it blood shot for hours. True story. Stung. In. The. Eyeball.

2) Our directions told us to find the “old” train station. Once we arrived there we had a skip in our step, and said to ourselves, “Booyah! We got this day in the bag. Gonna be on the beach by noon.” HOWEVER… We still had to find the mysterious yellow bus, line 190, which was supposed to arrive every hour on the hour…

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Well Finally… Here’s an Update from Erika

28 Jan

Finally.  I am sitting down to write a post to our Sister Blog. “When was my last post?” I think to myself.  I open up the folder of all of our posts, and scroll down. “September??” Wow, I am slacking.  No wonder my sisters have been on my case, especially because a lot has happened since then…

I think, for those few of you reading our blog, I will break up all that has happened since September (I still can’t believe its been that long), into a few posts.  Because if you are anything like me, seeing a big block of texts just scares me.

So, for now, I am going to tell you the best thing that has happened in that massive block of time.  On December 20th, I graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in International Affairs!  What is even more crazy about that situation, is that they asked me to give the student address for the International Affairs commencement!  Honestly, I could not believe that they asked me to do this, because, trust me, there are a lot of really smart people in my major, who have a much more extensive knowledge about the world than I do.  But I was incredibly honored, and, while nervous, happy to have the opportunity.

Here is the link to my video, if you feel so inclined to hear what I had to say. (Be warned, the videographer is an amateur, so there may be a few finger shots in there… but thanks, Dad. 🙂 ) Now, I am going to do my best to have a few more posts over the next week to continue  the updates on my life now.  As always, thanks for stopping by our blog!

Mom, Dad, and Erika at Graduation

Mom, Dad, and Erika at Graduation

Quote of the Week: Adversity

30 Sep

An excerpt from Coach John Wooden’s book Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court:

Adversity Makes You Stronger

Most all good things come through adversity.  There’s a poem that says:

Looking back it seems to me,

All the grief that had to be

Left me when the pain was o’er

Stronger than I was before.


I believe that.  We get stronger when we test ourselves.  Adversity can make us better.  We must be challenged to improve, and adversity is the challenger.

John Wooden at a ceremony on Oct. 14, the coac...

John Wooden at a ceremony on Oct. 14, the coach’s 96th birthday, to name the Reseda post office after the sports legend and long-time San Fernando Valley resident. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)