Where’s All The Snow?

4 Nov

Halloween in the mountains is a funny thing. From a young age we learned to incorporate warm clothes into our costumes. “I want to be a fairy!” Well… you better have a pink snowsuit that you can wear under your fairy wings. Once we were old enough to make our own costumes, more often than not we were something that was naturally warm, like a bear or a snow queen. You always see pictures of girls dressed up (or not quite dressed) as a “sexy nurse” or a “sexy pirate” but us mountain folk know we can’t get away with that unless you want to get frostbite on your cleavage.

Now that I have that image in your head, I know you’re also imagining snow on the ground. Well… sorry to disappoint but there isn’t much of that here so far. You know me, I’m a ski racer. My life literally depends on snow. Ok. That’s a bit dramatic, but you know what I mean. Without much snow, there isn’t much skiing. Thankfully, there are smart people out there that invented these amazing machines that actually make snow. No, not this kind of machine…

Disney classic... The Ultimate Christmas Present

Disney classic… The Ultimate Christmas Present

I digress. We’ve had some really awesome training despite the fact that there is not very much snow. A lot of start training, which is something I’m working hard on, and yesterday we even skied a full length GS!

Some people are freaking out because of lack of snow, but I believe in the weather and I know that we will eventually get a dump and forget all about this!


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