Dondé Esta el Autobus Amarillo?

20 Jun

In case you haven’t seen Erika’s new summer blog, here’s a little snipit. It’s pretty awesome. Go ahead, indulge.

HEL-lo Euro

Our day began in a very civilized manner. We were organized, prepared and caught the early train from Madrid to Valencia. When we successfully got to our seats on the train, we thought to ourselves, “Great! We are winning this day!”‘ We spoke too soon.

Here’s what happened next:

1) Upon arriving at the Valencia train station, gigantic packs on our backs, somehow a bug flew into Hannah’s eye and stung her in the eyeball, rendering it blood shot for hours. True story. Stung. In. The. Eyeball.

2) Our directions told us to find the “old” train station. Once we arrived there we had a skip in our step, and said to ourselves, “Booyah! We got this day in the bag. Gonna be on the beach by noon.” HOWEVER… We still had to find the mysterious yellow bus, line 190, which was supposed to arrive every hour on the hour…

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