Adventures on Crutches

21 May

The first ski camp of the summer, I fractured my tibial plateau. Sounds bad, but it could’ve been a lot worse. I sustained no ligament damage and the fracture was small enough that I didn’t have to get surgery! The only downside is I have to be on crutches for four weeks with limited weight-bearing. Being on crutches really limits you in the activities you can do, but I am making the best of it and found some things to keep me busy this past weekend.

I was trying to come up with an idea for things to do while the Crazy Canuck was in town. He left on Monday so I thought we could go down to Denver and find something to do. Thinking of everything fun down there was difficult because I am so limited. I did however think of how awesome it would be to go to Elitch Gardens. Then I remembered how long I would be standing in lines, so I emailed them and figured out a way to get a line-cutting pass because I’m a gimp. 😉 It totally worked! We got to skip all the lines and, even better, got to sit at all of the front of the rides! It was a very good shoulder/hand/wrist workout for me, and I got tired fairly quickly, but we definitely got our money’s worth!

Then we went to Boulder, I took a nap, and Crazy went out on his new bike, which then broke. He came back and, with a little help from our bike expert, Chris, he fixed it up and decided to go back out again. Not long after, we hear him outside and hear him say, “This has not been my day for biking… and I need a nurse.” He had crashed and ripped up the skin on his knee pretty good. Gimpy as I am, I think I’m a pretty good nurse!

Dustin's Boo-Boo... He really is crazy.

Dustin’s Boo-Boo… He really is crazy.

The next day we woke up early and drove to DIA so Crazy could fly to Calgary. 😦 I then drove back up to the mountains on a lovely spring day only to get stopped on Vail Pass because of a vehicle fire. What the heck! Fortunately I was right next to the exit and knew of a road less traveled that would get me home. Tennessee Pass is a beautiful pass through the high mountains up to Leadville, a very old town that has some great history. So great, that I had to stop in and go to the Mining Museum. I’m kind of dork like that. But let me tell you, it was impressive! I was on crutches, and it took me about two hours to tour the whole place on my own. There were some cool sections they had made that took you through what appeared to be an underground mine shaft, with mannequins and sound affects and “Warning” signs and rail tracks and… you get the point. There was an elementary class that was touring too, and I felt like asking the teacher for one of her handouts so I could learn like an elementary student again (I told you, I’m a dork).

Mountain lake on the drive up to Leadville.

Mountain lake on the drive up to Leadville.

I went mining for a day.

I went mining for a day.

After I had my fill with mining history, I popped in at the cutest cafe in Leadville, Cookies With Altitude. The nice lady made me a delicious sandwich, and I picked six different cookies to bring home to share with my mom and dad. I decided to make my lunch a picnic and got in my car and drove a few minutes past the Continental Divide to Camp Hale. For those who aren’t familiar, Camp Hale was home to the 10th Mountain Division, the only Alpine specialized army group in the United States, which makes this site extremely cool.

The remains of an entertainment building at Camp Hale.

The remains of an entertainment building at Camp Hale.

Can you imagine 15,000 soldiers living here in the winter?!

Can you imagine 15,000 soldiers living here in the winter?!

I finished my sandwich, took a bunch of pictures, and then drove down past the Gilman mining ghost town (one of the first mining towns open during the Colorado Silver Boom, and was closed down because of toxic pollutants in the water), and stopped in Minturn for one last adventure on my crutches. A couple months ago a huge slab of rock slid all the way down from the ridge right onto the railroad tracks, sliced them right in half! I had to see it.



Sliced right through!

Sliced right through!




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