12 Nov

The season has officially started! The first World Cups were a few weeks ago in Sölden, Austria, and the first FIS races in America were a few days ago! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to compete in them due to an injury I sustained the first day of training on the 28th of October. I dislocated my elbow when I fell and crashed into the B-net training GS. Don’t worry, I’m healing! I just got my elbow brace today and I have been doing physio everyday. I will hopefully be skiing again very soon and racing in the next two-three weeks.

That is not the reason why I am writing this blog post though, I’m writing to inform you that I just launched my fundraiser on!

Crowd funding is a platform that many athletes are turning to these days, and with Ski Team fees at $15,000 this season I’m reaching out to my supporters to try and offset some of the costs. Donations are greatly appreciated and sharing my fundraiser is also a huge help! The more people that know, the more likely donations are.

I’m excited for my season to really start and test out my new strength I gained over the summer! I’m keeping my eyes on the horizon and trying not to think about the training I’m missing. Anything can happen and I’m hoping this will be my best season yet! Funding my season is a tremendous weight off my shoulders so check out the video below! Until next time!


One Response to “Fundraising”

  1. Holly Ehrlich April 7, 2014 at 1:01 pm #

    Hi Abby! This is Holly Ehrlich and Scott and I met you when we were at dinner in Edwards with your Aunt and Uncle and cousin Sara. We wanted to contribute towards your fundraising effort but I guess the campaign has ended? How would we be able to get the donation to you? Hope all is well.

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