Summing it Up

3 Jan

Well… I thought I’d do a post with pictures summing up the year of 2012. I may or may not have stolen this idea from other blogs… it’s still fun! Enjoy!

Starting the year off right with my sissy!

Starting the year off right with my sissy!


January in Europe.


February I got to race in Vail. It’s one of my favorite places to race. Weird right?


March had a lot of important races, and my best result here at World Junior Championships. 6th place in the Super-G!!


Finishing up March with a lot of plates from NorAm overall for the US Women’s team. All of those are top-3 overall positions.


I spent a good portion of April vacationing and exploring California with the Crazy Canuck. We stopped at Cal Poly to say hi to my cousin Sara! We always have a good time.


May! More chilling. I got to take a trip to Lake Powell with the Crazy Conuck, Erika, and Gutsy Guy. It was a lot of fun.


Not a lot going on in June, but we had some really good training in Mt. Hood.


This is from the Calgary Stampede in July. Country music, chuck wagon racing, and dancing in Calgary with a bunch of crazy Canadians.


Cousin Sarah had her wedding in August. Weddings are always a blast in our family. The three of us got to sing during the beautiful ceremony.


Chile in September! You can read all about it in my Portillo Por Favor post.


The beginning of October I got to spend with my Crazy Canuck. Read about it in my I Never Thought I Would Say This… post. 🙂


First World Cup in November! That was my last post!

Lake Louise

December started with my second World Cup start in Lake Louise, Canada.


This was also in December. The Crazy Canuck came out for the beginning of Christmas, which included my grandpa’s 90th birthday party! It was a roaring 20’s theme.

2013 is going to be another crazy adventure! I’m so excited to see what happens next. Have a happy New Year!

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