Never thought I would say this…

9 Oct

I’m a Colorado girl, born and raised, so when I went to visit my boyfriend, the Crazy Canuck, in Ottawa/Mont St. Marie this past week, I was a little nervous about being in the East. My only experience in the East has been during the winter months, and compared to Colorado, it’s not exactly my favorite place to be.

This is what pops up in my head when I think of the East… except less snow.

I was pleasantly surprised when I finally arrived in Ottawa and drove the short drive back to the Crazy Canuck’s house. The trees were green, some of the leaves changing colors, it was sunny out, and obviously not the East I was imagining. It only got better from there. I drove through the Parliament Buildings in the heart of Ottawa (which is the capital of Canada, for those of you who didn’t know) and they were beautiful! Magnificent old buildings  perched on top of a ridge of cliffs overlooking the Ottawa River.

Two hours from the Crazy Canuck’s house, we found ourselves coming into the town of  Lac St. Marie, Quebec. This is where the Canuck grew up skiing at a hill called Mont Ste Marie. Two lifts, and about 20 runs. Not much, but the community is great, and when you have one really great race run, a couple fun free-ski runs, and a place to get warm, you don’t need much else. His chalet is nestled deep in the assortment of trees, mostly maple (it’s Canada, duh!) that cover the mountain (or hill for us Westerners). The running/biking trails run literally right through his back yard. He and his dad helped to build a lot of the trails.

In Lac St. Marie.

On the side of one of the trails. So pretty.

One of the many trails.

We biked those, and I ran one day too, but that’s not important because they just got an ATV. For those of you who have never ATV’d and only ridden a mountain bike or hiked on steep, rocky trails wide enough to fit an ATV, don’t ever ride one because you’re just going to compare the two from then on and it’s a tough comparison. Don’t get me wrong, I love hiking, and I kind of like biking (I’m getting better), but you don’t get anywhere very fast, and it takes a lot of energy that I sometimes don’t want to spend. So we rode our bikes in the mornings on the fun, winding, loopy trails that don’t fit a small automobile, and then, in the afternoons, we would ride the ATV to the top of his small mountain, picnic, and look at all the amazing views. There is no civilization to be seen from the top of Mont St. Marie, and I loved that. There was just a whole bunch of trees, and hills, and a lot of lakes. It was beautiful and I can’t wait to go back.

View from the very top of the mountain.

This is where we picnicked.

I never thought I would say any of that… you win this round Crazy Canuck.

I think maybe I could go back. 🙂


2 Responses to “Never thought I would say this…”

  1. The Godfather aka Mark October 15, 2012 at 1:44 pm #

    WHAT??? You didn’t even mention meeting the CRAZIEST CANUCK of them ALL… The Canucks GODFATHER.. ??? OUCH.. LOL Mark..


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    […] beginning of October I got to spend with my Crazy Canuck. Read about it in my I Never Thought I Would Say This… […]

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