Shaken…Not Deterred (by Erika)

14 Sep

As some of you may know, I had surgery on my ankle on Wednesday.  Here is a brief synopsis of my injury:

After falling mountain biking and landing weird in a hole, I twisted my ankle.  I tore ligaments and pulled off a piece of bone, which made my ankle unstable, swollen, and irritated.  While my ankle would be stabilized in a ski boot, I was unable to do much else and without getting it fixed, I greatly risked injuring it further, which in the end could have jeopardized my entire season.  So after much deliberation, with the help of my family and close friends, I decided to get surgery to repair the ligaments.  At the Steadman-Hawkins clinic in Vail, Dr. Clanton performed the surgery and said everything went really well.  He cautiously explained to me that recovery time will be a MINIMUM of six weeks.  As he explained, it is hard for him, or any doctor, to know the exact recovery time, and that it could , very possibly, take longer than six weeks for me to be 100%.

So for the next six weeks I will be letting my ankle heal, and impatiently waiting until I can start working out hard again.  As soon as my ankle feels 100%, and my strength and conditioning is where it needs to be, I will be ready to get back on snow and racing with the speed and intensity I need to reach my goals.

In the mean time, I am trying to keep my mind in positive place.  One of the most helpful ways of doing this is listening to the encouragement from the people around me.  I have said it before, and I will say it again, I am so lucky to have such an amazing support system.  As hard as I try to stay positive, it is inevitable that there are times when I feel discouraged.  In times like these, I realize how lucky I am to have people around who love, support, and encourage me.

That gave me the idea to talk to some of the people in my life who have been through injuries, yet have remained positive and driven.  I know I could use the inspiration, and maybe there are other people out there who could benefit from a little inspiration as well.  So for the next few days I will post interviews with some of these people.  First on the list, my sister, Christa.  So come back tomorrow to hear what she has to say.

As for me, right now I am recovering at home, enjoying some of my mom’s delicious, comforting cooking, my dad’s contagious laughter, the loyal company of a couple Labradors, and pretty incredible view.  It’s true, things could be worse.  And while this injury might set me back a little for the time being, I am more driven and more hungry to reach my goals.  While the path I am on has been a little shaken, I am certainly far from deterred.



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