Celebrating my birthday on three different continents!

30 Aug

I (Erika) turned 24 yesterday!  Fresh back from my trip in Chile, I was excited to spend a relaxing day getting regrouped and spending some time with good friends.

So how did I do it on three continents, you may ask?  Let me explain.

Continent 1, South America: As you know, I was lucky to have my dad/coach on the trip with me.  You may not know, though, that I was also very lucky to be on the trip with my boyfriend, Jeremy, who is an amazing athlete and ski racer, and an incredible training partner. (More on training in Chile in days to come).  The evening before our last day off, in preparation for the upcoming races, Jeremy surprised me by telling me he had made reservations for a romantic dinner in La Parva, one of El Colorado’s neighboring resorts.  As my sisters will tell you, I’m kind of sap, so this news nearly brought me to tears… of happiness of course.  (I know, I’m a dork.)  Anyway, this date stood in as my birthday date, since we knew Jeremy was going to be back in Utah on my birthday.  We enjoyed cheesy fondu, with an assortment of vegetables, bread, and meat, with red wine, by candlelight.  And yes, dad, he paid for dinner. 🙂

Fondu with Jeremy in La Parva, Chile.

Continent 2, Europe: As my birthday progressed yesterday, I found myself catching up on random paperwork on my computer, when, much to my delight, Skype started ringing.  I answered to the harmonious sound of two beautiful voices singing the tune of happy birthday, in a strange foreign language I could not understand.  Finally the video image appeared and I saw two of my best friends and former teammates from my days on the CU Ski Team, Carolina Nordh and Jenny Allen! Carolina is from Sweden, and returned to her homeland after graduation last May to begin her life in the real world.  Jenny also graduated last May, and has been traveling on her own in Europe for the majority of the summer (I know, brave, right?!).  She arrived in Sweden to visit Carolina two days ago, and they remembered my birthday!  The three of us caught up for over an hour.  It may seem like a simple thing to chat with your friends, but it made me so happy to hear from them.

Skype call from Carolina and Jenny in Sweden

Continent 3, North America:    That was a hard one to guess, wasn’t it?  As previously stated, I was happy to be able to reunite with my friends in Boulder.  I began the day by going to breakfast with Christa.  We went to Snooze, “an A.M Eatery,” one of my favorite places to go for breakfast.  Later in the day, I was joined by a group of friends at the Rio, for refreshing margaritas on the rooftop, also one of our favorite places to meet up and enjoy each other’s company.  Although Christa was stressed about getting ready to leave for a trip to St. Louis, she made time to make me a birthday cake, which we dug into the moment I got home.  Thanks sissy!

Breakfast at Snooze with Christa. We got a free “Coffee and Donuts” pancake! Delicious…

Breakfast at Snooze, Capresé Eggs Benedict (without the hollandaise sauce)

Blowing out the candles of the birthday cake that Christa made me

As Jeremy’s mom, Brigitte, sweetly told me, “Congratulations!  God has been blessing you for 24 years and He will keep blessing you for a long, long time…”  This is exactly what birthdays are for, taking a moment to stop and realize how blessed you are. I feel overwhelmingly grateful for the blessings in my life, for the love and support of my family, and my circle of friends, all over the world.  Mid-twenties, here I come!


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