Hola from Chile!

22 Aug

You heard from Christa yesterday about the Pre-Blue Ribbon Alpine Challenge.  Be sure to check back in to hear how she and her team did!  So while my sister is racing today in Aspen, I am racing the first slalom race of my season in…Chile!  Here is an update from me.

I am currently training in El Colorado, a beautiful ski resort in the Chilean Andes.  I was lucky enough to have been invited to train with Team Geronimo (an awesome private team based out of Aspen) and feel so privileged to be able to travel down here for the last block of my summer training.

I left on August 12 from a hot, dry Colorado summer, and two flights and about 14 hours later landed in Santiago de Chile.  Along with my Dad/Coach, we loaded our gear into a pickup and made the drive out of the city and into the mountains.  Now, we are fully immersed in a Chilean winter.

We arrived to a ski area barren of snow, but the last week has left the Chilean skiers euphoric with about 40 fresh centimeters of snow.  Unfortunately, what has been to the Chileans delight had made training difficult for ski racers.  For the majority of our trip, the weather has been trying, from soft snow, to wind, to fog so thick, you can hardly see the first gate.

With that said, though, training is training, and as we all know, there will be races in soft snow, wind, and fog.  So although our will power has been tested, we are getting in great winter training.

As for me, I am happy with how my training is going so far.  I am feeling confident both in slalom and giant slalom, and I am excited about how I felt training Super-G after over a year hiatus from the event.  Tomorrow, we begin a six-day block of racing.  While very early in the season to be racing, I am excited to get my mind in race mode, which, for me, is just as important as my physical training.

Look for more posts to come from Chile over the next few days!  Until then, as always, thanks for stopping by.  If you see my sisters, give them a big hug for me, and send good vibes Christa’s way for her race today! 🙂

Erika at sunset in El Colorado, Chile



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