Christa’s Race Weekend in Salida, Colorado

2 Aug

After Christa’s criterium race on Saturday and her road race on Sunday, I interviewed her for our readers.  Check out what she had to say!

Erika: Congrats on your second place in the criterium, sister!  What were your expectations going into the race on Saturday?

Christa: Thanks! I went into this race feeling really confident, I had a good hard week of training, and had my whole team there for the first time, which makes a huge difference.

Girls of the Natural Grocers Team

Erika:  I bet it does. So you didn’t pull off the win, but second is pretty good!  Did the race play out like you expected?

Christa: I wasn’t sure the amount of damage our whole team could do together, so I wasn’t sure what to really expect. Racing with a full team riding for you is a lot different from riding individually or with one other teammate. I know I wanted to win, and was really confident in the how the course played to my strengths.

Erika: Since you are such a strong sprinter, would you say criteriums, in general, play more to your strengths?

Christa: I really enjoy criteriums because it often does come down to the final sprint, but you also need to be able to handle your bike through corners and be able to be powerful out of each corner. Ski racing has really shown to be a significant advantage in criteriums, because I learned how to read a turn and which line is the best through the corner.

Erika: How were you feeling going into the final stretch?

Christa: The back stretch we had opened up a gap with Heather, Nicole and me. Right before the last corner I looked behind me and saw Amy Charity on my wheel, out of nowhere. I decided to go around Heather into the last corner and just got out sprinted to the line.

Erika: Shoot, well Amy Charity seems like she is pretty fit right now getting ready for her mountain bike season.  But your team did really well too!

Christa: YEAH! It was so much fun racing with all those girls, they are some of the best ladies in Colorado, so it is a lot of fun being able to all ride together and dominate.

Erika:  Domination is always fun.  So, with the podium behind you, how did you feel about going into the 45 mile road race on Sunday?

Christa: The road course was one I struggled a lot with last year. It is a 5.7 mile hilly circuit race and the Pro 1 and 2 women did 8 laps. I was just planning on trying to help the team as much as possible before I got popped*. The pressure had transferred from my shoulders onto Heather Fischer’s.

Erika: Yeah, that was awesome to watch Heather get second that day.  Well, I’m proud of you sissy, no matter what.  And I think we (Mom, Dad, and me) played a pretty critical role for your team in the feed zone of the road race, don’t you?

Christa: OOOHHH yeah!!! Dad dancing in the feed zone really made me want to pedal that much further…..awayyyy from you 😉  We all really appreciate you guys being there, and I am always happy when you randomly show up and support me. I love you all very much 🙂

*popped is biking slang for, well, dying…

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Christa and Erika, post race

Heather, Christa’s teammate, 2nd in the road race

Our view from the feed station

Thanks for stopping by!

-Erika, Christa, and Abby


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