Welcome to our blog!

26 Jul

Welcome to SisterSynergy!  We are excited to create a little place in the blogosphere for us to share our adventures with our friends and family, and whomever else may stumble upon our site.

Here, you will be able to keep updated with where Erika, Christa, and Abby are in the world (even a difficult task for our parents…), and keep track of results as we each pursue to become the best athletes possible.  It is our hope to share successes (and inevitable failures), stories and adventures, tips and tricks we learn as athletes and world travelers, and much more.

As the word synergy suggests, we know that the three of us are much more successful when we help each other as people and push each other as athletes.  For the same reason, a blog that involves the three of us will be much more effective (and easier to follow) than if we each did one individually.

So, thank you for stopping by, and we hope you continue to follow the three of us here, on SisterSynergy.

Until next time,

Erika, Christa, and Abby

(P.S. Scroll down this page or click on each of our individual pages to get a short description of the three of us (written by another sister), and go to the “About” page to read the updated status of our athletic careers.)


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