26 Jul

Words about Christa, by Erika.




My sister is the hardest working, bravest person I know.  I will forever be inspired by her tenacity towards her sport, and her ability to overcome challenges.  As I think of what to say about Christa, I automatically want to tell you about how she was the most talented ski racer I have ever seen, and how she would have gone so far in that sport.

I instinctively want to explain how she was forced out of the sport of ski racing due to 4 torn ACLs and 4 torn menisci, leading to a total of 8 knee surgeries by the time she was 20.  I want to tell you how unfair it was that she had to go through that… but I have to stop myself, because that would merely be a story of life’s unfair trials.

Instead, Christa’s is a story of perseverance and heart.  Christa’s story is not one of “what could have been” or “if only…” It’s one about her path to becoming a world-class cyclist.  And that is who she is, with all her heart and being: a cyclist.


2 Responses to “Christa”

  1. Greg Needell July 26, 2012 at 5:13 pm #

    I know another girl with a similar story. She ended up being a USA road cycling champion. A world road cycling champion. A mountain bike world champ and olympic medalist. Her name is Juli Furtado. She is a Buff too. Your Dad likely coached her with the ski team too.

    • eghent July 26, 2012 at 10:10 pm #

      Thanks for checking out our blog, Greg. Yes, we know about Juli. Richie loved telling us about her as an example for Christa. Very inspirational.

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